Window & Door Screen Repairs

Window screens and screen doors allow homeowners to bring the outside light in without allowing critters and debris into the house. If your standard screen or sun screen is torn, broken or otherwise compromised, it’s possible for pests to enter your home uninhibited.
From awls to splines and replacement screen material, window screen repair is often more difficult than expected. Ensuring a tight fit and a good seal for the replacement material is delicate and frustrating. At Appearance Window & Door, our team is well versed in window and door screen repair and can do it without any hassles.

What We Do?

Screen repairs typically include adjusting and/or working on your existing screen doors and window screens. Some repairs require a little extra help, which is why replacement handles, wheels, and specialty parts are also available. We specialize at:

  • Rescreening of existing doors & windows
  • New screen door wheels and handles installed
  • Cleaning tracks and lubricating
  • Adjusting your screens for best performance

How We Do It?

At Appearance Window & Door, screen door repairs are our specialty. We can repair most screen doors and windows on-site. Screens are one of the first things that visitors see when visiting your home. If they are damaged, poorly fitting, faded and not functioning well, they should be repaired. To restore your screen door or window screen, we follow these steps:

  • Select replacement screen material
  • Remove the screen frame from the door or window
  • Size the replacement screen material to fit the frame
  • Push the screen into the frame’s channel
  • Replace the spline with new spline material
  • Trim excess screen material from the frame
  • Return the screen to the window frame